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SCHOOL RESUMPTION 2017/2018: Momo C.P.D.M Big Wigs are all Hypocrites

SCHOOL RESUMPTION 2017/2018: Momo C.P.D.M Big Wigs are all Hypocrites

Two weeks has passed since the official resumption of classes in Cameroon with a relatively very low turnout in the Anglophone Regions of the North West and South West which has been rocked by the Anglophone Crisis for more than ten months now.

The government of Cameroon through its Ministers and ruling party (C. P. D.M) militants, had engaged in an intensive crusade in the Anglophone Regions to encourage parents to send their children back to school which they had stopped going to, for a greater majority of the 2016/2017 academic year; but after two weeks since schools resumed, the very low numbers of children in schools in the Anglophone Regions has continued to worry the government which is beginning to search for reasons why its calls were not heeded.

It is in this light that the Senior Divisional Officer of the Momo Division of the North West Region, Monono Absalom Wolua, lambasted C.P.D.M bigwigs of his Division for preaching what they do not practice; Mr. Monono said those militants were hypocrites for keeping their children away from schools and still preaching the ‘’good news’’ of school resumption.

According to reports, C.P.D.M bigwigs in the Momo Division are yet to send their children to school, probably due to the social unrest that has rocked the Anglophone Regions.

Posted : 18th September, 2017   By : Agbor Donald   : 0 comments   : 342 views

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