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POTABLE WATER: A Rare Commodity in Buea

POTABLE WATER: A Rare Commodity in Buea

Buea has become a semi-desert, as potable water has now become equivalent to gold according to inhabitants of the town said to be that of legendary hospitality; headquarters of the South West Region and blessed with so many water outlets coming especially from the Mount Cameroon, Buea is now a ‘’dry land’’ as people scramble to get water for domestic purposes.

The taps are all dry, while the streams are all polluted as people have now transformed them into toilets since they cannot make use of their own toilets due to the lack of water; in fact, students of some higher institutions of learning who reside in self-contained houses now talk of ‘’parachuting’’, which is a way of saying they defecate in nylon bags and throw them into the streams. Others wash their dresses in the streams while others dump refuse into these streams thereby polluting them.

The Municipal head of Buea and the national water company have failed to tap water from one of the numerous outlets on the mountain, probably due to a lack of commitment, thus the people are bound to go through very difficult conditions in order to have good water to quench their thirsts.

Many are they who have engaged in the installation of boreholes in their residences with very few being open to the public at a cost; since the borehole is an expensive venture, those who have it place exorbitant prices on those who cannot afford the luxury, with a twenty liters container of water ranging between the sums of fifty and one hundred francs CFA. Those who cannot afford water at such prices will have to travel kilometers, going closer to the mountain, in order to get free and potable water for their households.

Posted : 15th September, 2017   By : AGBOR Donald   : 0 comments   : 466 views

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